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How do I edit my giving?

You can log in to your giving account any time to edit your giving. You can change payment method or edit recurring donations. You will be asked to sign in with your phone or email.

How do I view my giving? Will I receive a giving statement?

To access your online giving statements, log in to your giving profile. If you need assistance logging into your giving account, reach out to us at We do send out an annual giving statement to the physical address on file at the end of each January for the previous year.

I don't see all my giving. What should I do?

Don't panic! You might give through a business name, or you might give through your personal name. We often don't know which business is associated with an individual. If this is your case, we do have record of your giving, but the physical giving statement will be mailed to whatever address is on file from that giving designation. For example, if you gave with a business check, then the physical giving statement will be sent to that address on the check. It more than likely won't be tied to your personal "My Giving" account because online "My Giving" profiles are associated with individuals and not businesses.

If you don't give through a business and only give through your personal name, we may have multiple accounts under your name with two logins.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or call during business hours at 865-365-1750.

What giving option should I choose?

When you sign up to give, you will see the option to choose funds. The general giving option goes to fund Connect Church and its mission to connect everyone with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ! We encourage contributors to give their Tithe and Offering to this fund.

The 5 Year Vision option is our "above and beyond the tithe" option to fund the 5 year vision campaign at Connect Church. This is to fund land acquisition and the building campaign for a Connect Church and Connect Christian Academy home.

How do I give assets to the church?

Please reach out to us at or call during business hours at 865-365-1750 with any questions regarding giving cryptocurrecies or assets to Connect Church.

Annual Report

If you have any questions about giving, please reach out to us at or call during business hours at 865-365-1750.

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